Hi! I'm Jonas, a Full-Stack & DevOps engineer based in Germany.

Jonas Zillinger

Creative Tinkerer

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I am a freelance Full-Stack & DevOps engineer based in Germany with a passion for digital tinkering and leveraging it to provide solutions. I built myself a repertoire for the full range of digital products. From planning, to architectual & coding, I can either support hands on or advisory. Being capable to see the full picture I'm able to develop or maintain with the best strategy in mind.
Throughout my career I have built both, monoliths and microservices. Been involved in the development of apps, standalone applications and web services. Have planned, built & maintained high availability scenarios with tons of traffic as well as ensured strictly limited services. My most recent activities also include the deployment of NFTs to the Solana Blockchain.


in 1988Born in Solingen, Germany
in 2010Completed apprenticeship in application development
until 2018Developer Front-End / Back-End & Infrastructure
until 2021European wide IT-Consultant, based from Portugal
since 2021Freelance IT-Consultant

Things I Like

music, sport, cooking, motorbike, fiddling on projects & trying out technologies

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